Workshop: Getting Hands-on with TensorFlow – Results

Results are out! The following applicants have been shortlisted and invited to the “Getting Hands-on with TensorFlow” workshop. All those invited have also received separate emails requesting confirmation. Note that will send random reminder emails to anyone who has RSVPed “YES”, please ignore that. Only the names listed below can be accommodated in the workshop as we are already at capacity.

Below the list are the answers and selection criteria used, and the next steps to be taken for those who got the invited and also for those who didn’t. If you are serious about a career in IoT/AI, please go through those and take necessary action.

Invited applicants (in alphabetical order)

Sl no Name
1 Abhinav Ganesan
2 Adarsh Kini
3 Amber Jain
4 Amitabh Ranjan
5 Arasu
6 Arun Kumar Singh
7 Arun Sasidharan
8 Avtar Singh
9 Balamurugan M
10 Balkrishan Aggarwal
11 chakri
12 Debanjan Biswas
13 Deepak George
14 Dileep Bapat
15 dileep d s
16 Dr. Sanjay Chitnis
17 Garima Jain
18 Gopal Tiwari
19 Harsha Muroor
20 Ishtiaq Shaheer
21 Jagadeesh YC
22 Jagadeesha D G
23 Jerry Kurian
24 Jickson P
25 K Sreelakshmi
26 Karthik Kumar Viswanathan
27 KRISHNAKUMAR Gurumurthy
28 Kunal Patel
30 Manikant Thakur
31 Meghana B
32 Naresh Sharma
33 Nidhi Jain
34 Nitish Bhatt
35 Prabhu S
37 Puneet Singh
38 Rajaganapathy
39 Ramachandra Chakenalli Nanjegowda
40 Ramiz Mehran
41 Rushi Agrawal
42 Sahib Singh
43 sakina saboowala
44 sanchari
45 Sashank
46 Saurabh Kumar
47 Saurav Agarwal
48 Shubham Patel
49 Siva Prakash
50 Sooraj
51 Srikanth H Tati
53 V Venkata Subbaraju
54 vaibhav singh
55 Vamshi Raghu
56 Varun Kamath
57 Vishal Vijay
58 Vivek Rajendran
59 vivek swaminathan
60 Yatin Varachhia

Answers to quiz

1.) Which is the latest release of Tensor Flow? Ans: A
A.) 1.2.0rc0 B.) 1.2.1rc2 C.) 1.1.0rc0

2.) When was the TensorBoard 52 Launched? Ans: C
A.) January, 2017 B.) March, 2017 C.) April, 2017

3.) In which version the support for Windows was added in TensorFlow? Ans: B
A.) 0.4 B.) 0.12 C.) None of the options

4.) When was TensorFlow released? Ans: B
A.) December 9, 2015 B.) November 9, 2015 C.) November 10, 2015

Selection criteria

While shortlisting applicants, we selected those who got all 4 questions right as well as satisfied all the Prerequisites criteria. In a small number of cases, we relaxed 1 Prerequisite criterion based on an applicant’s response to the question on motivation. Finally, where there was a tie, the ones who applied earlier were given preference. We also increased the number of invitations from 50 to 60 to try and accommodate as many people as possible.

Next Steps  If you have been invited to the workshop, please do the following:

  1. Reply to the invitation email we have sent you, confirming your participation. Given that there was huge demand for this, we do not want to waste seats. So where we don’t receive a reply, we will be giving that seat to the next in the waitlist.
  2. On June 11, please be at the venue (Google India Pvt Ltd at RMZ Infinity, Old Madras Road) by 9:30 AM.
  3. Carry valid Govt-issued photo ID for security check at the entrance. Better to come early as there will be a lot of people coming at once and lines can get long.
  4. Carry your laptop and charger, as defined in the prerequisites.
  5. Optional but recommended – Go through this reading material before June 11
    2. Make Your Own Neural Network by Tariq Rashid
  6. If you are serious about IoT/AI, we have a platform coming out soon where we will be sharing information on curated events, workshops, projects, jobs, startups programs, and more. Please pre-register to get early access to that platform.

If you did not make it to the shortlist – No worries. We will be hosting more such workshops in the near future and we hope to see you at many of them. Please do the following in this regard:

  1. To get notified of such workshops, join us at (make sure to add the welcome email to your Safe List, so that new workshop announcements don’t end up in your Spam/Social/Promotions folders).
  2. Follow Points 5 and 6 from the list above.

All the best!