The logo for Applied Singularity reflects one of many possibilities of the future, but it is the one which we believe is very likely to happen. Here is what each aspect of the logo means:


  1. The hexagon is the most efficient building block in nature. Green represents humanity and the physical earth, while blue represents technology and the virtual world.
  2. The two lines breaking out of the hexagon denote “Emergence”, a breakaway from the pre-singularity era, from our physical and virtual worlds as we know them.
  3. The blue line represents the growth of technology and the green line represents that of humanity. While human evolution started earlier, technological evolution will continue for longer.
  4. Both humanity and technology will evolve side by side and it is this peaceful coexistence, denoted by parallel lines, that allows for the emergence of an applied singularity.
  5. In the future, many such hexagonal building blocks may interlock. The emergence of humanity and technology from one block would be into another block, which represents the post-singularity world for the first block. This process could repeat infinitely to create an ever-expanding hive.