If you are a working professional, student or entrepreneur interested in learning about AI, Bio, Robotics or IoT, you are invited to join the Applied Singularity ecosystem and learn along with your peers and experts. You can benefit from the various activities and opportunities provided by Applied Singularity:

  • Curated articles, research papers, API and toolkit reviews, etc from across the world
  • Networking opportunities at the best events, meetups, and conferences
  • Learning through workshops, courses, projects, contest, and challenges
  • Job opportunities to do real work in these fields and build careers
  • Resources like data sets, tools, labs, supply chains, manufacturers, etc to assist you in your journey
  • Support for startups and companies that are working on interesting problems – services like data annotation, PCB and industrial design, sales and marketing, acceleration programs, fund raising, IP management, etc

Your commitment

Deep Tech by nature is multidisciplinary. It takes time and effort to master, even if just a niche sub-topic. So, if you are serious about your future in these areas, we ask you to commit to:

  1. Staying actively engaged in the various opportunities we create for you – read, meet, learn, work, grow. Constantly.
  2. Collaborating with others to make real progress. It is not possible to work in silos and see good results in these fields. If you ever need any help, reach out to others. Reach out to us.
  3. Do Deep Tech work daily. The simplest way is to take up a job in this space, so that you are making daily progress. If that is not yet possible, then work on your own projects, ideas, experiments, research, writing, etc. The important thing is to get your hands dirty on a daily basis, apart from consuming Deep Tech content.

We are with you each step of the way, but you need to commit to the journey. Whenever you are ready, join us at any/all of these Applied Singularity channels:

  1. Articles, Events, Courses, Papers, Jobs: Applied Singularity App
  2. Chapters: Meetup (Bangalore) | Meetup (Mumbai)
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  4. Discussions: Whatsapp

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